Barcelona Field Studies Centre Ordnance Survey Compass Application

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Ordnance Survey Maps Compass Menu

When the compass is opened, a Menu Button appears at the top left of the map that lets you:
  • Undo/redo steps
  • Clear everything and create new routes
  • Preview and print the map(s)
  • Preview and print the route information
  • Load/Save/Import a Route
  • Have a unique URL/ID emailed to you so that you can access/import it later
  • Maintain a free online 'My Routes' account.
Google Compass menu options
To open the menu, put your mouse over the 'Compass Menu' button:Google Compass menu button

Move your mouse out to close the menu.

The Menu button disappears when the 'Hide Compass' button is selected. Click the 'Show Compass' button to restore.